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floating around

Ya ever feel like you are still in a dream.....floating around with your deeper self? A whisp of smoke gently caressing the surface of a body of water. Am I the water or the fog? Both? An intense blue glow washes everything. Surreal. I am left with the undeniable feeling that I left something behind in my slumber. A crane flies over head and I am sure I should follow...something grabs my ankle and pulls me down into the depths. As I look to the surface, I see the bird circling, circling, circling....and then it smiled and winked. As it flew out of my sight, I freed myself and drew a huge breath as I came to the surface. I added about a foot of water to that lake with the tears that fell, as I realized the distance of the crane was growing farther with each tread of my arms.

Damn, wheaties don't seem as exciting after that- fuck it, that was my breakfast.

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