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mentalyental's Journal

6 December 1971
I am a spirit on the run, searching to evolve and know myself better. I welcome this place as an infinate abyss to share thoughts and purge unwanted energy. I am excited to see what the future holds....so much so - that I could just about pee my pants!!!
animals, blowing bubbles with soap, candles, cheeto at the end, dancing, do thier thang, driving em craaazae!, eating whistle berries &, exercise, freaks out cuz i'm, friends, kindness, laughing, laughing some more, love, making sandcastles, mind & how it, moonlight, movies and then reciting, mud pies, music, nature, of the bag, or gum, painting, picnics, pillows, potential..., sculpting, silent moments in slow-mo, the lines til someone, the little pieces of, the spirit, the vastness of the, then waitng to see, watching fountains and clouds, watching lil bugs, water, what happens, works with or against